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    Jak jsme na tom?

    On this page, you will be informed about the latest information regarding the functioning of our faculty.
    Changes may be suddenly applied, but here you will always find the most current information.

    Aktualizováno 8. 6. 20219:30.

    Entrance to the Faculty

    The faculty comes to life again. That means we need to observe carefully who is present at the faculty, so we could contact you if anything goes wrong.

    To enter the building, you must use a student/staff card every time. If you don’t have the card you have to register at the gatehouse.

    Before entering the building, you must have:

    The confirmation can be just digital for example on your phone. It doesn’t have to be printed.


    Tuition is available on conditions. But it is happening!

    It is obligatory to have a respirator and to observe a minimal distance of 1,5 meters during the tuitions.

    Singing is allowed for the study programs where it is a crucial part of the stadium. The maximum number of students present in the room is 6.

    Sport tuitions are possible when:

    One-to-one consultations and advisory works are possible.

    What do you need for that?


    Participation in exams is possible without any number limitations when a minimal distance of 1,5 meters is observed. A respirator is required to be worn during the whole time.

    Entrance Exams

    The entrance exams in person are possible without any number limitations. A minimal distance of 1,5 meters must be observed (the distance will be marked by colourful spots on the tables). A respirator is of course a must too, so don’t forget about it. Fingers crossed!

    State Exams

    The testing for COVID-19 remains the same for the state exams as for the regular exams (detailed below).


    The incredible becomes reality and graduations will happen!

    All graduations that were supposed to take place in this academic year (even those that have been postponed for ages) will happen during the holidays if the situation allows it.

    Bachelor's graduations in the Profesní dům will happen on the 2nd and 3rd of August. Master's graduations in the Carolinum will take place on July 7, 15, and 16. What may happen:

    Graduation will be streamed online, so even those who cannot attend can enjoy it.

    Opening Hours

    Magdalény Rettigové 7:00–19:30
    Myslíkovka 8:00–17:00
    Celetná 6:00–19:00
    Brandýs 7:30–17:00

    Testing for COVID-19

    Testing of the students and staff is performed at the CU test center in Albertov.

    You can come:

    It is also possible for the students and staff from the Faculty of Education to get tested in a mobile center every Tuesday 8:00–12:00 in the classroom R010A in M. Rettigové 4.

    Reservation to the CU test center in Albertov or to the mobile centers must be done in advance through the reservation system CU. The test from the Albertov CU test center is valid for 7 days. You can fill out the confirmation form in advance.

    As an alternative to Albertov, you can use the testing center in The General Teaching Hospital in Prague (VFN). You can either register or you can come without previous registration.

    If you get tested somewhere else for example in a school, in a job, or in a testing center out of Prague your negative result is valid for 72 hours. You have to have a confirmation of the result with you.

    Covid self-tests are not possible.

    For which occasions do you need to be tested?

    And where can you go without being tested?

    You don’t have to get tested when:

    Vaccination Against COVID-19 for Academics

    Registration for vaccinations for academic staff is available. Registration is possible till do 15. 6. 2021. The academic employees have to identify themselves with the certificate from the employer at the vaccination center. The certification is made out by the department of human resources PedF.


    The food delivery to refractories Albertov, Kajetánka, FHS, Právnická, Hvězda, Sport (FTVS) started on May 10th.

    Living in the Dormitory

    If you need to live in the dormitory even though you don’t have a room, there anymore contact the particular dormitory and tell them when you want to check-in. According to your check-in date, your total rent might differ.

    To contact the dormitory, use the e-mail address rezervace@kam.cuni.cz, describe the dormitory you want to live in, and mention from which faculty you are from. If necessary, you can also call.

    The internet reservation system REHOS is available for the reservations as well. If you are not new to dormitory life you for sure know what to do (Break a leg!).

    Accommodation in Brandýs, Czech Republic

    If you only visit for a moment or you have lessons outside Prague, you can stay in Brandýs as well. The capacity is 30 beds and prices are much cheaper than in Prague. It is up to you whether you want to stay for 1 or 2 nights or longer. The cost is CZK 100 per night.

    For reservations write to jan.bouril@pedf.cuni.cz.

    You will need a valid negative antigen test to stay.